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Sculptor Frutos María

My work is sensitive to creation; it is a constant process of análisis and research so that the result is quality in the design of the sculptures. I also believe in my work, in my ability to do what I like. It is an internal necessity that has driven me to create. I don’t look for success, I am more interested in well-done work, with courage and feeling.


Frutos María

He was born in Hontoria de Valdearados (Burgos) in 1959. Son of agriculturists, he made his first studies in his hometown, where he spent his childhood. He has many creative concerns since his youth; he built his own toys and started making crafts. At 12 and 13 years old, he was selling his first paintings and decorative items.

His passion for tools and mechanics leads him to study industrial masters where he starts creating sculptural pieces made of iron. However, he sets aside this creative work to be a car mechanic and work in car and motorbike restoration.

Given his eagerness, his good vision for business and adventurous spirit, he tries to travel and work out of Spain, even in Arab sultanates, but he has many problems to go because of his young age.

So he decides to become an entrepreneur, he devotes himself to businesses of purchase and sale of cars in Aranda de Duero (Burgos). Later, he moves to Alicante in 1985 where he combines his work as entrepreneur with art. There he finds more opportunities to introduce himself in art and he meets his great friend and expert Juan Guardiola, architect and plastic artist and great expert of art with huge artistic level. He encourages him and they share creative works in sculptures and paintings and he introduces him in this field.

Nowadays, he combines his businesses with art while enjoying everyday more creativity.

Art reviewers and friends encourage him to exhibit his work, but he is more interested in creating than in exposing.


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ECLOSIÓN: Obra/Artwork 1975-2015 by Frutos María is already available in bookstores. Soon  thos shops will be more and more, so by now these are the point sales where ECLOSIÓN is now on the shelves:



ECLOSIÓN: Obra / Artwork 1975 - 2015

Eclosión – The Works of Frutos María

This is the presentation of part of a life, the one dedicated to art, the one stolen from family time, friends and rest, the part that gave meaning to a life. This book presents the artistic work of someone who soon realized that the presence of art in each individual is different but impossible to eliminate.

The pieces that appear in the book are works that may be read in a different way according to each viewer. These works are easy to read but difficult to forget. Each piece appeals to universal feelings, but the artist's job is to build images that bear witness to what happens to us and which cannot always be put in words.

The viewer will find among these pages the images of works of art that tell the story of a person who, as the title of the book hints in his first language Spanish (‘eclosión’), goes through a hatching phase to then come out. The pieces tell that there is also a way from the inside out.

Aramis López

New/Old article in La Razón newspaper

FBT | Advancing interview with Maria Frutos , sculptor and artist

Frutos Maria sculpture promo

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Iron sculptures, Frutos María

Frax fundation

Feelings forged in steel

Sculptor Frutos Maria exhibits from yesterday in the showroom of Orden Tercera (Elche) a selection of his artworks done in the almost forty years that he has been expressing his experiences and his feeling through iron.

His art is starting to be demanded to be exhibited in Japan, New York and London... but until that moment his artworks will be for one month in Elche. "This is my second exhibition, after the one I made more than one year ago in Club INFORMACIÓN, even if I have been working on my art since 1974", he says before the opening of the exhibition of the sample of 29 pieces of steel and iron, yesterday evening in the showroom of the ancient chapel of Orden Tercera (Elche).

Proud of his path, he recognizes that over time "it has become easier to know better the tools with which I work, get closer to the desigh and study other sculptors. In forty years I have almost not shown my work and noiw, I have decided that my way to understand art gets known... and I am surprised by the response my sculptoric art is having".

Geometric and minimalist figures set the map of sensations and feelings "that I offer, because all my work comes from my hands, from the initial drawing, the research or its interpretation while I cut the iron or weld the steel". He asserts that it is difficult for him to talk about his work and, of course, he prefers sculptures to talk for him instead. However, "what I would really like is that people coming to see my exhibitions would be able to experiment the feelings I have while I make them until I decide that they are finished. I hope people will enjoy my sculptures, recover memories and remember feelings that were forgiven" concludes Frutos María, born in Burgos, but settled in Alicante for many years.


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